APS Zero Point Clamping System


With the new APS zero point clamping system, users can reduce set-up times by up to 90%.
The APS zero point clamping system can be used in all operations such as turning, milling,
measuring, eroding or grinding. This means users benefit from significantly reduced costs due
to reduced set-up times while increasing the availability of machines throughout the production line.

3 different ranges – Basic, Premium and Top – offer optimum solutions for all application requirements.

The modules come in hardened and coated steel versions and also in hardened stainless steel.
Up to 3 clamping slides ensure the clamping device has maximum grip during processing, especially
for heavy duty machining applications. Pull-in forces are increased by up to 45 kN by the turbo
function which is integrated as standard. The APS has an extremely low installation height and
offers maximum precision with repeatability of less than 0.005 mm. A special coating on the
clamping slides and clamping pins ensures long-lasting, frictionless operation of the system and
an extended service life. The APS modules are protected against corrosion (corrosion-free
stainless steel version) and sealed. The built-in air cleaning function ensures that the clamping
system's supporting surface remains clean and free of chips while the modules are being opened.
It is also possible to monitor the clamping device's supporting surface through the air sensing.


  • Significantly reduced costs due to reduced set-up times
  • Modular construction kit system: existing clamping systems can be modified very easy
  • Low installation height due to the compact design
  • Highest process reliability and repeat accuracy < 0.005 mm
  • Wear-resistant and protected against rust (or stainless) due to heat treated elements and an extra hard protective coating
  • Maximum pull-in forces until 45 kN (APS 190) thanks to turbo function
  • Highest stiffness by means of 3 clamping slides (Premium / Top-Version)
  • Fully sealed (proofline)

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